about UnOlivo

Since 1980

UNOLIVO´s story is about tradition, love and respect fot the olive grove and the enviroment. It is the effort made by men and women who have given all their love to the product; the passion to rescue our costums and the desire to manufacture by hand a great ecological extra virgin olive oil listening the whisper of nature.

UNOLIVO´s first steps were in the last century. In 1900, the great-grandfather Julio was a noted oil broken of Castillo de Locubín (in the Southern Highlands of Jaén). He bought oil to the producers of the zone and he sold it in Motril´s port. He was known for his entrepreneur spirit, and he was prospering by his tenacity. When the outbreak of civil war happened, this visionary had to leave this trade and to assume others activities.

This fighter soul, this passion for olive oil and the respect to the earth´s products did not disappear. They came over 20 years ago through the entrepeneur´s grandson, Julio Gallardo. He was the one who rescued their predecessor´s spirit, but he took one step more because he launched himself to the production of olive oil. The energy invested finally gave its results. The courage for a new challenge appeared: he faced the project of an individual oil press and this was when UNOLIVO was born.

The legacy continuous throughout the fourth generation, lead by Elisabeth Gallardo. Enthusiasm and knowledge of this lot of young people guide two ways: on the one hand, influencing in different aspects of the process to develop a great quality olive juice (cataloged as extra virgin olive oil ecological); on the other hand, maximizing the merchandising and the knowledge about the properties of this product, conquering palates around the world (Spain, Germany, China, Colombia, Chile, Iran, France…).


We had plenty of illusion and desire to improve, and fot this reason, we have written new chapters in this story in last years. The target to get a maximun quelity olive oil should continuou united with solemn respect to the field and all that is part of that source of natural wealth where family´oil has born.

UNOLIVO bet for a ecological farming, reaching its highest expression, maximun respect fot the enviroment and looking for the perfect balance between living beings and the elements that are part of it.

UNOLIVO´s oils are made caring the earth, listening to the moon, to the stars; watching the cycles of day or seasons… It is about a crop technique that rescues ancient customs and looking for a balance in harmony between man and earth from a spiritual vision.

Surely, this is another step in the old Julio´s history. His family will continue adding pages to this long life of passion for extra virgin olive oil.

about UnOlivo